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RIGNAL uncovers alpha-generating intelligence through data-driven energy research and analytics
A dashboard that provides a real-time view into company performance and industry trends

Introducing RIGNAL

The data, signals & personalized insight you need to make optimal investment decisions in Energy Sector

NextGen AI-powered Analytics Platform for Energy Sector

  • IP, production and asset quality data on hundreds of companies

  • Includes 120,000 + of the most recently-drilled oil & gas wells

  • Data on dozens of key formations + basins

  • Accessible via download, FTP, or API

  • Data anomalies

  • New data points on catalyst watchlist

  • Trend Inflection Points

  • Movements in market share

  • Changes in profitability

  • Competitor activities

  • Revenue acceleration or deceleration

  • Push notifications in visualization to users by email

  • Competitive landscape

  • Geographic analysis

  • Asset performance mapped to company & geography

  • Library of customizable visualizations

  • Standardized industry specific factors to augment typical quant screens

  • Updated whenever new data points are available

Our Advantages

Unmatched Granularity

RIGNAL tracks every well in North America throughout its life cycle from permit to production. Our algorithms quantify nearly every piece of upstream developments at the individual well-level.

Identify Non-obvious Connections

By leveraging machine learning algorithms to conduct data analytics, RIGNAL can discern insights otherwise missed by human analysts.

Continuous Monitoring

RIGNAL constantly screens new data points / signals / anomalies, and automatically generates deeper real-time actionable insights.


About Us

RIGNAL is a technology company focusing on building the next generation advanced data analytics platform that uncovers new data-driven insights for investors and corporations. At RIGNAL, we aim to apply cutting-edge AI technologies to minimize the dependency on human analysts.


RIGNAL is revolutionizing data analytics, incorporating new data sets and pioneering methodologies to provide actionable intelligence. Our goal is to leverage our capabilities of processing massive amounts of unstructured data in near real-time to discern critical insights that help clients to make smarter, more informed decisions.

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Our mission is to fundamentally improve the way our clients make decisions by identifying and transforming complex data into products and services that, combined with our deep industry expertise, reveal timely, accurate and actionable insights.


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AI-powered Quantamental Platform for Energy Sector

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